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+80 Animanga
---- 10 Spirited Away
---- 05 Karneval
---- 12 Hitman Reborn!
---- 08 Fairy Tail
---- 03 Bakuman
---- 05 Vampire Knight
---- 04 Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
---- 10 Di[e]ce
---- 05 Fullmetal Alchemist
---- 05 Saint Young Men
---- 05 Kuroshitsuji
---- 08 D.Gray-Man

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And to you all I bestow a gift

I am an avid lover of Nakamura Hikaru works and Saint Young Men is one of my all time favorite series right now.  I left the trojan horse at home and brought you this simple gift instead... A wonderful interview translated for your reading pleasure.

The original interview can be found here.


Translated interview in full beneath the cut...Collapse )
I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Here's to many more posts and to the community in general~

Anyone for cover scans, I have all three tanks ^_-

New chapters

Hey, guys! Chapters six and seven are up on onemanga. HERE

Some Rumours Are True (one-shot fanfic)

Let's shake things a little here, shall we? So, here's a fic for you guys! Enjoy!

Title: Some Rumours Are True
Word Count: 1,007
Rating: G (nothing bad, thank GOD)
Author's Notes: No beta, no one will read *lol* And, I know the pace of the fic is quiet and slow, but I wanted to capture the feel of the manga, so, yeah...
Summary and Warnings: As you know, according to what Buddhists say, Buddha smelled like lotus flowers. But what if Jesus never really noticed that?

( Follow this very fake cut for a real fic! )


So, I decided to revive my icon-making techniques and ended up doing these two SYM avvies.

Here they are. There are some others too, video-game related stuff (in case you like it too XD).

See you guys later =D


Saint Young Men has its own tegaki boards! I've created two feeds for them, so feel free to add them to your f-list!


[the basics]

Welcome to saintyoungmen, a community dedicated to Nakamura Hikaru's fabulous manga Saint Young Men.

Here are some things to keep in mind while posting here:

Do post fanart, fanfics, and other fanworks related to Saint Young Men, as well as rec fanfic.
Do post doujinshi scans, icons, and other graphics.
Do post speculation and discussion posts.
Do advertise in moderation and keep in mind relevance.

Don't post large, un-cut images, spoilers, or fanfic.
Don't flame or bash other members or characters.
Don't advertise unrelated communities.

You can find the manga to read online here and for download (with notes) here.


Jesus and Buddha: BFFs for Life

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